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7.5L Air Fryer with 360° Airflow
Technology & Digital Touch Control
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Cooking for the family doesn't need to be a multi-appliance affair. Easily roast, bake or fry enough for everyone in the 7.5 litre basket, in half the time of using a conventional oven. Just pop the basket in the dishwasher when you're done.
1700 Watts Turbo Power

Higher Wattage Power means higher temperatures and fast cooking that's better for you.

360° Airflow Technology

Rapid airflow combines with high temperatures for amazing results with less oil.

9 Preset Programs

Our preset automated programs take the hassle out of cooking.

Digital Touch Controls

Cooking is made easy with touch panel controls and easy to read digital display.

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Impress your family every time

Pre-programmed Functions
We've made cooking easy with no tricky steps to follow. Choose from a variety of cuisines and with one touch you're on your way.
Touch Control Panel
Sticky fingers are no problem with clear, intuitive and easy to clean controls.
Our huge 7.5 litre cooking basket has plenty of space to cook all your favourites in quick time.
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The FamilyChef 7.5L
More options to fuel families on the go.

Large enough to roast with ease, the FamilyChef 7.5L air fryer is a busy family's best friend. Faster, more efficient and tastier, the 7.5L air fryer is dishwasher safe. Packed with nine clever pre-set options, cooking for the family is now easier than ordering in.
FamilyChef Features

The new Queen (or King) of your kitchen


Feed the Whole Family

Create quick dinners that get you back to where time is best spent: with your family.


7.5L Capacity

Whether cooking for one of or five, FamilyChef's 7.5 litre capacity will mean you air fryer can cook enough for everyone.


Preset Modes

We've made cooking easy with no tricky steps to follow. Just select one of our nine presets, close the basket and let FamilyChef take care of the rest.

Dishwasher Safe Basket

Spend less time washing up. FamilyChef has a dishwasher safe basket that can be easily popped in the bottom tray and washed over and over again.

Touch Control Panel

We've taken the thinking out of cooking. Our intuitive, bright and easy to follow touch controls will help you get the most out of your air fryer.

360 Degree Airflow

Designed to lock in and circulate hot air and cook from the top and bottom plates, FamilyChef can be counted on to serve even, moist, mouth-watering masterpieces.

7.5 Litres
Digital Touch Control
Air Flow
360° Air Flow Technology
Input Power
9 Preset Cooking Modes
Input Voltage
220-240V 50/60Hz
Cooking Modes
Dehydrate , Baking , Vegetables , Fries, Chicken , Meat , Fish , Seafood and Preheat
Non Stick Removable Air Flow Tray
Non Stick Basket
Temperature Range
Shake Alert
What's In The Box
Soho SO-75AFS Air Fryer
Air Flow Tray
SO-75AFS Air Fryer Manual
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