ClearView 5

The next generation of
efficient, tasty cooking.

ClearView 5

5.0L Air Fryer with Cooking
Window & Digital Touch Control
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Healthier food is within sight. Thanks to Soho's ClearView, you can air fry food without sacrificing taste or quality. Does your dish need a shake? Poke? A flip? You decide. Glance in and watch your food develop into evenly cooked dishes your family will love.
Clever cooking made simple

Simple innovations are often the best. A quick peek in through our ClearView illuminated, transparent window will keep your dish on track.

Science behind healthier frying

360° Air Flow uses high temperatures and rapid air flow technology to circulate hot air around your food, requiring less fat and oil.

Preset for culinary success

Our 9 preset cooking functions make cooking effortless. They include programs for frying, roasting, grilling, seafood, chicken, fish, steak, meat and preheat.

One button control

Streamline cooking via our touch control panel and easy to read digital display. Easily control your cooking temperature for perfect results.

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ClearView 5L

Delicious food is within sight

Sticky fingers are no problem with clear, intuitive and easy to clean controls.
We've made cooking easy with no tricky steps to follow. Choose from a variety of cuisines and with one touch you're on your way.
See what's happening and gain greater control of your cooking through dual layered tempered glass.
Our 5 litre cooking basket has plenty of space to cook all your favourites in quick time.
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Inspired meals, cooked to perfection everytime with the innovative ClearView 5.

Our ClearView 5 air fryers have been designed to make cooking a breeze. You can cook by sight and judge for yourself if your dish is ready to eat. By keeping the door closed, hot air will circulate as it should, cooking your food evenly. Soho's clever touch screen digital display will make cooking a cinch.
ClearView Features

Destination: Delicious.


ClearView Window

Built from heatproof glass, our transparent window gives you greater control during the cooking process.


5.0L Capacity

Whether cooking for one or for five, the ClearView's 5 litres capacity will mean your air fryer can cook enough for everyone.


Preset Modes

We've made cooking easy with no tricky steps to follow. Just select one of our nine presets, close the basket and let ClearView take care of the rest.

Dishwasher Safe Basket

Spend less time washing up. ClearView has a dishwasher safe basket that can be easily popped in the bottom tray and washed over and over again.

Touch Control Panel

We've taken the thinking out of cooking. Our intuitive, bright and easy to follow touch controls will help you get the most out of your air fryer.

360 Degree Airflow

Designed to lock in and circulate hot air and cook from the top and bottom plates, ClearView can be counted on to serve even, moist, mouth-watering amazingness.

5 Litres
Digital Touch Control
Special Feature
Clear View Window
Air Flow
360° Air Flow Technology
Input Power
9 Preset Cooking Modes
Input Voltage
220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Cooking Modes
Dehydrate , Baking , Vegetables , Fries, Chicken , Meat , Fish , Seafood and Preheat
Non Stick Removable Air Flow Tray
Non Stick Basket
Temperature Range
Shake Alert
What's In The Box
Soho SO-50AF Air Fryer
Air Flow Tray
SO-50AF Air Fryer Manual
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