The humble air fryer is an appliance of many talents. It can create dishes to satisfy the crispy, fried cravings of your winter appetite but also the healthy, fresh, and light ambitions of your summer self.

While your trusty air fryer really is the all-season performer, it’s also geared to make healthier versions of many of your favourite dishes. Keto? Sure. Low calorie? Yep! Vegan? Absolutely!

Here at the Soho Immersive, we love food, but we are also mindful of what we eat.

So just how are air fryers healthier?

They need less oil.

Because air fryers require little to no oil, there are many recipes that can be quickly whipped up in your air fryer that are not only tasty and quick but healthy. A spray here, or a teaspoon there is a vastly different calorie count than a cup or two of oil in your deep fryer.

They are convenient.

A barrier to healthy eating is often the lack of convenience.

However, health-conscious eaters will be happy to know that air fryers make some dishes quicker and easier to pull together than ever.

Air fryers, thanks to their rapid circulation of heat, cook food in half the time of convection ovens. You can fry chicken in 10 minutes and toss a salad and be eating low calorie food in less time than it takes to defrost a pre-packaged meal in your microwave.

They're perfect for creating low carb meals.

Low-carb, high protein diets can reduce your appetite and reduce your waistline by helping you consume fewer calories.

It’s a misconception that air fryers are designed for high volume fried cooking that you typically wouldn't associate with the components of a healthy meal plan.

Imagine being able to kick off your Keto goals with half the effort, stress, and mess!

So, if you’re looking for healthier, low carb, low fat recipes for your air fryer, here’s just a few of our current favourites:

Air fried mushrooms

Textured, tasty, packed with vitamins and minerals and easy to cook, fancy mushrooms add a bit of ‘extra’ to a side dish.

Air fryer garlic butter salmon fillets

Salmon fillets are packed with vitamin A and other antioxidants, and you can enjoy the taste of buttery fillets with less calories. Fast, light, and healthy, this a great midweek meal.

Air fryer, low carb, gluten-free meatballs

Why we love it: low carb fabulousness for kids and adults alike swoon over Italian meatballs. Use low carb spaghetti - and the meatballs are ready to eat in under 10 minutes. We love this gluten free recipe.

Greek style air fryer chicken wings.

There is something so revitalising about the freshness of lemon in Greek cooking. These drumettes are a great summer protein hit, especially when they’re paired with a Greek salad. And best of all, they’re low fat.

Air Fried Steak bites and mushrooms

Get your protein hit from lean meat via a low carb- sirloin steak in cubes, with a side of iron loaded mushrooms.