If you're starting to think about the perfect Christmas shopping for the special people in your life, we have you covered. Hot ticket items destined for festive season stockings across Australia include air fryers and air purifiers. Our limited movements over the past couple of years in Australia has meant that people are learning the art of living well inside their homes and coveting fast, home cooked meals and fresh clean air.

Air fryer technology has evolved since the first models launched in 2016 are now much more sophisticated than their previous offerings. Now with dual, separate programmable baskets, and clear cooking windows, it’s easy to see how far they’ve come since 2016 when Oprah declared air fryers her most favourite thing.

However, while some things change, the more things stay the same. Australian’s will continue their love affair with roasts even in the middle of summers.

Even so, we have complied a list of who would REALLY benefit from an Air Fryer and why. So let’s take a look!

The Alfresco Cook

Australia’s love with roasting and eating meat doesn’t disappear in the warmer months and now the Air Fryer is holding its own with the BBQ for a brilliant summer alternative to the oven. Everyone needs a holiday, even your oven. Best of all, you can use an Air Fryer outside even when there is a total fire ban.

The Slow Cooker Obsessive

Lockdown has changed the way Australians cook. Slow cookers are great when we leave in the morning for work and return home in the evening, but now we are home more so the set and forget benefit isn’t such a plus. We’ve evolved to a society of air fryers, and we’ve  shunned the heavy food of the slow cooker for light, quick, crispiness of the air fryer.

The University Student or Young Adult Moving Into A Share House

Not only are air fryers simple to use, but inexpensive groceries can easily be turned into a decent and filling meal in under 10 minutes. Its ease of use can be a great motivator for the person in your life who needs a push to diversify their diet beyond Ramen or Two Minute Noodles. Potato fries, lean cuts of meat and frozen food can easy popped into the air fryer drawer, and at the press of a button your young adult has a filling meal to fuel their brain.

The Trend Foodie

Australia’s top chefs love cooking with the air fryer, just look at Adam De Silva from Tonka raving about his, as well as Ben Cook from Chin Chin. If they love air fryers to whip up fancy offerings you can bet your last $1 that your local foodie will be rocking the same approach.

The Tradie Saving For A House Deposit

Our smaller, ClearView4L isn’t much bigger than a 4L bottle of milk (and much lighter) and easy take to site and plug in, making it easy for the tradie in your family who will smash out some fries or some chicken nuggets while on site. Sound crazy? Check this out.

Grey Nomads

Our smaller air fryers are brilliant for anyone who uses their caravan or camps regularly at a powered site or has a generator. Imagine those days on site when there is a compete fire ban and it’s too hot to cook inside, just pop your air fryer on the porch or in the annex and you’re good to go.

The versatility and usefulness of the air fryer makes it a clear front runner to be the winner in anyone’s Christmas stocking this year.

Soho air fryers are available at JBHIFI stores nationally.