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Compact Air Purifier with 3 Speed Levels
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Our air quality has never mattered more. Soho's PureHome Air Purifier, will quietly clean your air, leaving you to enjoy the health benefits of crisp, pure air. We breathe in 11,000 litres of air each day, and air quality is vital to our health and wellbeing.
3 Selectable Speed Modes

From low, to medium, to high, air purification speed can be selected to suit your needs and room environment.

Cycles Clean Air

SOHO PureHome will circulate and clean up to 65 cubic metres of air every hour.

Perfect for Modern Sized Homes

Quiet and powerful, airflow circulation covers 8.5m2 and pushes clean air to every corner of the room.

Effective and Continuous Cleaning

PureHome draws in, thoroughly cleans and expels 3.1 times the volume of air in your room each hour.

Filter Replacement Notification

Rest assured that you'll be given ample warning to change the H13 HEPA air filter via our auto notification system.

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It's time to care about your air.


Clean Air Delivery Rate


Small - Medium
Room Size


H13 HEPA Filter &
UV Light Filtration

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Science and technology allows you to extract invisible pathogens and pollutants from your home.

Soho's PureHome Air Purifier delivers clean air, silently. Our 3-stage purification system detects and extracts 99.7% of invisible yet harmful impurities. Especially helpful for asthma sufferers and people with respiratory conditions, PureHome will revitalise your body by reducing your exposure to airborne toxins including smoke, bacteria, pet smells and more.
Reduce the impact of airborne nasties

H13 HEPA Air Filter: How It Works.

Pet Dander
Smoke & Odours
Stage 1: Pre-Filter

This is where larger particles like dust, pollen, pet dander and lint are first captured.

Stage 2: H13 HEPA Filter

It is here 99.97% of microscopic particles like bacteria, mould spores, allergens and respiratory irritants are extracted.

Stage 3: Carbon Filter

Finally, activated carbon filters absorb and neutralise noxious gases, tobacco smoke and cooking odours.

Clean Air

Perfectly pure air, delivered quietly


3 Selectable Speed Modes

From low to medium and high, the air purification speed can be selected to suit your needs and room environment.


360-Degree Airflow

Truly efficient, the SOHO PureHome air purifier circulates air continuously around your room.


Touch Controls

Our clever and intuitive touch controls allow you to select the best purification speed for your environment.

Compact Design

Designed to effortlessly merge into your home environment, your air purifier's compact size adds to its versatility.

Child Safety Lock

Feel confident leaving your air purifier in your home. Our child lock has been designed to ensure small people are safe.

Filter Replacement Warning

Rest assured that your air purifier will let you know when it's filter needs to be changed.


It's important to replace your SOHO filter when required to ensure your air purifier is functioning at its best. Keep a spare filter on hand so you can replace your the filter as soon as your SO-65 filter indicator alerts you. The SO-65 Filter Reset Indicator will flash when your filter needs replacement.

The life of your SOHO SO-65 filter is approximately 6 months based on 8 hours daily use or 4 months based on 12 hours daily use. The useful life of the filter may vary depending on environmental conditions. If your operating environment is heavily polluted, the life period of the filter will be shortened.

Tips for installing your filter can be found in the SO-65 manual.

Room Coverage*
8.5 m2
Clean Air Delivery Rate
65 m3/h
Power Consumption
3-Stage System: Pre-filter, HEPA 13 Filter, Active Carbon
Noise - Lowest
33 dB
Noise - Highest
47 dB
Number of Fan Speeds
3 Levels - High, Medium, Low
Control Method
Touch Panel
Ambience Light Control
Filter Change Reminder
Filter Life**
Approximately 6 Months
Child Lock on Touch Panel
Product Dimensions
L200 x W200 x H325 mm
Product Weight
2.3 kg
* The suggested room coverage assumes a standard room height of 2.4m and 3.1 air changes per hour (ACH), using the formula Room Coverage (m2) = CADR (m3/h) divided by [ Room Height (m) x ACH ].
** The filter life is calculated based on 8 hours daily use in an ordinary environment and may vary depending on environmental conditions.
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Soho SO-65 Air Purifier
User Manual
SO-65 Air Purifier Manual
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